Top 5 Web Design Tricks

top-five-webdesign-tips-for-successWe all know the importance of having a great website.  The worst thing you can do is make your website difficult to use.  A hard to work with website will greatly increase your site’s bounce rate and potentially hurt your organic search results.  If you want to ensure high quality site metrics, it is key that you give your visitors what they want.  Take a look at our top five web design tweaks and tricks that can help your website today!

1) Have a professional logo and ensure it links back to your website’s homepage.

One thing that seems like a minor detail but actually holds a lot of weight is your website’s logo.  Your logo is one of the first things that a person will see when they enter your website.  Your logo represents your business and your brand.  If you have a text only logo that looks like it was just put together in a matter of minutes, odds are people are not going to think very highly over your website, or your brand in general.  If you are not skilled when it comes to graphic design, our tip to you would be to check out logo design gigs on Fiverr, where you can get a nice looking logo created for around $5.00.  Once you have a nice logo, be sure that you have your logo link back to your home page.

2) Use complimentary colors.

Nothing is worse then visiting a website that does not know how to use colors properly.  I run from websites that use poor color matching such as purple backgrounds with light yellow text.  You might want to revisit your early art education and bust out your color wheel to find out which colors compliment each other.  Do not send your visitors running away from your website due to poor color selections.  Take a look at what color schemes the popular websites are using and take a hint or two from them to see what is working.

3) Have user friendly navigation.

If people are unable to easily read through and find the content on your website that they are looking for, they are going to click that back button and never return again.  Your website might have just what someone is looking for, but if the information is buried deep within your website, and your navigation layout is poor, odds are your traffic will look elsewhere for that information.  I have been to websites that offer free software but trying to navigate to the actual download link is like a ridiculous maze.  I eventually found the software, after accidentally clicking on ads and running around in circles though the site.  I’m a persistent person and to me the software was worth the hunt; however, other people were more likely to bounce off of the site and look for some other form of software.  If you want to keep your visitors happy, ensure you have a good navigation menu.  Even better if you can have your menu scroll with the website.

4) Use responsive design.

Now more than ever it is vital that you incorporate responsive web design into your website.  With Google’s latest algorithm update known as Mobilegeddon, you need to make sure your website looks good across all types of devices.  Now days, more people are browsing the Internet from mobile devices instead of desktop systems.  If your website is not optimized for both mobile and desktop browsers, you are losing up to half of your visitors due to poor non-responsive web design.

5) Don’t overdo the ads.

Sure, ads are a great way for webmasters to earn a little something from their hard work; however, if your website is littered with ads all over the place your website will look very cluttered.  People like to get what they came to your site for without having a hard time reading that information due to too much clutter.  Use a nice layout and format your text, images, and ads appropriately.

If you can adhere to the tips above, you’ll be in a much better place online.  You can be sure your visitors will be happier and your site metric scores are sure to increase.



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